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The Secret to Beautiful Natural Nails: How to Say Goodbye to Peeling Nails, and Artificial Nails Forever! [Paperback]

Remove acrylic nails

Natural nail care has become a lost art. So many people run off to the nail salon in order to have artificial nails applied. Why do that when you can have your own natural nails and have the polish last 7 to 10 days. Artificial nails damage the natural nail and most look very artificial. So why do women put up with damaging artificial nails and technicians that harm the nails further?

Now they don´t have to. This tell-all book allows women to create the beautiful, well manicured nails that they all deserve. Learn how to give yourself a manicure and polish your nails to prevent peeling and chipping. In simple language, you will understand the science behind why your nails act and react the way they do. Discover what some nail techs can't or won't tell. Understand how to take care of your nails, to grow longer, healthier and more beautiful nails than ever before.

Yes,you can have your polish last 7-10 days, without chipping or peeling? You can also prevent your nails from peeling and say goodbye to artificial nails forever.

About the Author

Alicia Lyons attended beauty school as part of high school in Pennsylvania, became a licensed cosmetologist and began doing nails in 1982. She's seen every trend in the nail industry come and go. She has seen the origin of acrylic and gel nails, French manicures and discount nail salons. She moved from Pennsylvania in 2000 with her partner Bob and is currently living near and working in Sedona, Arizona, a town renowned for its beautiful red rock views and its spas. In April 2008, she was listed as one of Sedona's top six spa therapists by Sedona Monthly magazine.

Remove acrylic nails


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