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How can I remove acrylic nails when pregnant?

how to remove acrylis nails

I got a full set of acrylic nails for my brother's wedding a few weeks ago, not knowing I was pregnant at the time. Now that I know, I don't want to maintain them/go to the salon every couple of weeks for a fill. I thought about going to the salon to get the nails removed professionally but am unsure if it is safe for me to breathe the fumes in a nail salon. If I can remove them myself at home safely, I'd like to do that. Can anyone recommend a method?

The question above has been asking by someone that realy want to know about how to remove acrylis nails when she pregnant and want to remove it by her self at home,looks like she been worried about her nails than her baby,hee(just kidding).Nevermind,below is some simple of answer,hope it can help to the asker.

Soak your fingers in acetone nail polish remover (do not get acetone-free nail polish remover). They will soften and you'll be able to safely remove them without damaging your fingernail.Where to get this acetone?go to the nearest store at your home.At the store they sell a small container of stuff to remove artificial nails.Buy and use it.It takes a while but you just soak a finger in it and then remove nail.

So what the best acetone for me to buy?below is some products that i take from see,if that product has a higher reviews this mean that product is good to buy and use.It's up to you to buy or not,i just provide a good info for you all,ok enjoy and have a nice day.

Aquarella Remover
Price : $6.00

Cutex Quick & Gentle Instant
Price : $5.83

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how to remove acrylis nails


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